About Us

About Us

About Us

We’re a global collaborative of experts and specialists working with placemakers and city builders to create spaces for all.

Our human-centered approach creates spaces, buildings and communities that consider people first and incorporates broad perspectives to arrive at better solutions. This means pursuing a comprehensive approach to community building that includes accessibility, wellness and inclusion as essential components to creating safe, equitable and resilient built environments.

Our forward-thinking solutions go above and beyond traditional expectations. We work with our clients and partners to achieve project goals in a way that considers everyone and benefits us all. Our approach to problem-solving includes the human-centered experience in all aspects of our work.

Human Space has successfully delivered more than 200 projects over the past decade spanning healthcare, residential, workplace, hospitality, recreation, education, transportation and public realm. Our consulting work is grounded in over 30 years of experience, with a team specialized to support your needs.

Human Space is the inclusive design practice of BDP - a global architecture, design and urbanism consultancy. Human Space is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and resides within BDP Quadrangle (Quadrangle Architects Limited).


Our Values

The work we do is driven by three guiding philosophies.

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We believe that our built environment should create inspirational spaces for all people regardless of age, gender, culture, race or abilities. We aim for an inclusive design approach that is seamless, beautiful and integrated.

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We understand the need for design to stand the test of time. We consider the long-term sustainability of projects to foster physical and mental wellbeing and promote healthy built environments.

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People are at the core of our values. We take into account how a space can benefit those who inhabit it through social participation, equal opportunity, and by fostering meaningful connections.


We collaborate with a wide range of organizations from many different disciplines to facilitate and enhance our mission.

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