On-Demand Webinar – The Value of Inclusion: How design for social impact creates value in the built environment?

By Human Space | November 24, 2022
A month ago, Human Space presented a discussion with an interdisciplinary panel of specialists that discussed how designing for social impact creates value in the built environment. ESG has become an important consideration for global real estate. Increasingly, governments, public…
Accelerating accessibility

Accelerating accessibility: The launch of a new coalition

By Human Space | November 22, 2022
The Accelerating Accessibility Coalition (AAC) will officially start on November 29 at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The AAC is a community of residential real estate and accessibility leaders that are striving to create a more accessible Canada by accelerating…
Designing an Inclusive and Hybrid Workplace

Design for Inclusion: Designing an Inclusive and Hybrid Workplace

By Human Space | November 3, 2022
Not only are workers demanding more flexibility in where they work, but they are also increasingly directing the shape of our offices in a post-pandemic world. But what do employees really want and need from workplaces that can’t be achieved…

On-Demand Webinar – The Value of Inclusion: How Public Engagement and Consultation creates better Communities

By Human Space | October 6, 2022
Human Space hosted a discussion with an interdisciplinary panel of experts a month ago that discussed how we can apply the fundamentals of inclusive design by engaging with the public to co-create better spaces for all people, exploring topics such…
The Well

We’ve moved!

By Human Space | September 13, 2022
We’re finally here! We are thrilled to announce that effective this week, Human Space is now located at: The Well, 8 Spadina Avenue, Suite 2100 Toronto, ON  M5V 0S8 Our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same, as…
New York News Header

BDP Opens Studio in New York City

By Human Space | September 7, 2022
We are thrilled to announce that BDP has officially launched its newest studio in New York City and its first studio in the United States. Read more about the opening here. Human Space is the inclusive design consultancy of BDP,…

National Building Code

By Human Space | August 24, 2022
Updated: National Building Code Did you know that the latest edition of the National Building Code of Canada 2020 (“NBC”) was released March 2022? The NBC has been developed by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes, and published…

Design for Inclusion

By Human Space | July 19, 2022
Introduction No two people are the same. Design for inclusion is about creating spaces for all people. Inclusive spaces that enable everyone to live and thrive. Spaces that promote equity, participation and wellbeing. Spaces that provide comfort, ease of use,…
Community that embraces inclusive design

What’s next is already here: How inclusive design lets us rethink physical spaces

By Jesse Klimitz | June 22, 2022
The dramatic changes in the world over these past two years have shifted the paradigm of inclusion from one of consideration to one of necessity. Areas of difference have been brought into focus and intensified. As a response, the values…
Rosalind is now a fellow of the Urban Design Forum

Human Space at the Urban Design Forum

By Human Space | June 13, 2022
Human Space and BDP are thrilled to announce that Rosalind Tsang, New York City Studio Director, is now a Fellow at the Urban Design Forum. She will be a key member of the Good Form working group, “Safe Experiences: How…