Providing expertise in the areas of inclusion, accessibility and wellness, we work worldwide with a wide range of clients including government agencies and policy makers, architecture, engineering and construction firms, post-secondary and healthcare institutions, community organizations, private corporations and many others. Our technical expertise, user engagement, innovative thinking and sound guidance help our clients to create human-centric and resilient built environments.

Here is an overview of our service offerings.

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Building Audits and Feasibility

We assess existing built conditions, identify critical issues and create a roadmap toward cost-effective solutions that incorporate accessibility, safety and health considerations to improve the user experience and maximize value.

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Certification & Benchmarking

We provide clients with a range of third-party certification and benchmarking services. This includes consulting and process management to achieve certification for standards such as BREEAM, WELL, Fitwel, RELi, RHFAC and more.

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Equity Impact Assessments

We facilitate the meaningful integration of new-builds within local communities by identifying existing public health and social equity needs, offer proposed solutions and measurement of benefits.

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Whether you’re looking for guidance on implementing inclusive design strategies for new construction, understanding ways to remove barriers to accessibility in existing buildings, or aiming to improve occupant comfort through wellness design strategies, we can provide consultation on any combination of our areas of expertise.

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Guidelines & Standards

We critically analyze and dive deep into technical requirements and evidence-based research to develop guidelines and standards for our clients seeking to establish their accessibility, safety, inclusion and health practices within the built environment.

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Facilitation & Engagement

We provide opportunities to bring people together from diverse perspectives to engage in meaningful conversations to problem-solve and shape successful project outcomes, including community consultation, co-design workshops, user experience reviews and stakeholder facilitation

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Inclusive Design

We realize inclusive built spaces governed by our subject matter expertise, and engage with diverse user groups and stakeholders throughout the design and construction process.

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Our comprehensive research studies with partner organizations aim to improve the built environment's influence on quality of life through various lenses including design, construction, building operations and social value.

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Occupancy Evaluation

We assess design intentions, gather occupant feedback and operational data to optimize the performance of your future projects and to improve occupant health, safety and comfort.

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We provide training to client groups who are seeking education on topics such as regulatory changes to accessibility requirements, innovative concepts about health equity and best practices to achieve safe and resilient built environments.



Whether for temporary uses or longer-term activations, we can bring new life, activity, connections and partnership opportunities to our clients and local communities. Informed by identified community needs, we design and activate placemaking strategies for underused buildings, vacant sites, and unoccupied spaces.