Occupancy Evaluation - BDP London Studio

Project team





The Project

Human Space conducted extensive occupancy evaluations of BDP’s London studio to identify areas of improvement and adjust accordingly, analyzing operations and performance against a database of similar building benchmarks.

The team surveyed and gathered feedback from staff members occupying the building and collected data on their perceived productivity, commute method, and input on comfort, health and wellbeing, storage, workspace and amenities. Using this data, BDP worked towards improving building performance and staff satisfaction.
The occupancy evaluation showed room for improvement in indoor air quality, thermal comfort during the summer months, wellness components and the building’s effect on productivity.

Human Space produced a summary report proposing 14 recommendations for actioning to address these areas for improvement. Recommended interventions included installing roof insulation, upgrading fan coil units, locating fan systems at the centre of each floorplate to improve airflow, providing standing desks, introducing more daylight and locating more desks around the perimeter near natural light, adding more greenery, and introducing designated quiet zones.