Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines

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The Project

Human Space was selected by the City of Toronto to conduct a significant redesign, and update to the qualitative and technical requirements to the Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines (TADG). The updated TADG applies to the new construction and development, renovations, and replacement of City-owned, leased, or operated facilities including buildings, infrastructure, and outdoor elements, and is encouraged for all other non-City-owned, leased, or operated facilities, whether new or retrofitted.

The updated TADG was created by Human Space in collaboration with the City of Toronto with input from over a dozen agencies. It replaces the previous version published in 2004. It serves as an exemplar of best practices for accessible development based on principles of respect, dignity, and inclusion. The City of Toronto recognizes that accessibility best practices continue to evolve and change over time with the expectation that these guidelines exist as a ‘living document’. The City of Toronto will continue to evaluate how legislation, evolving better practices, and the lived experience of people can affect and ultimately improve the updated TADG.

The process to complete the updated TADG included numerous phases such as a standards analysis, stakeholder review, updates, reviews, circulation for public commentary, reporting on public commentary, presentations to City Council, and approvals.

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