Urban Design Guidelines for Child Friendly Communities

Project team


Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvLF) for Ministry of Housing and Urban Infrastructure (MoHUA), Govt. of India




The Project

The BDP-led team developed a comprehensive set of Urban Design Guidelines for neighbourhoods across India that support the health and wellbeing of children up to the age of five. This forms a part of the Indian Smart Cities Mission for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and is funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation from the Netherlands.

Special emphasis has been given to creating safe and playful spaces for infants and toddlers, accessible and inclusive areas for caregivers, especially women; and promoting green strategies within the neighbourhood.

The Guidelines establish a vision and key objectives for creating safe, playful, accessible, green and inclusive
neighbourhoods. The set of Guidelines include:

  • Evaluation & Monitoring - a comprehensive list of 65 data indicators with benchmarks to assess the existing conditions and monitor progress.
  • Design Guidelines - focuses on how to implement key features.
  • Policy Workbook - an analysis of current spatial policy and identifying opportunities for change according to the needs of families.
  • Best Practices - visual examples of successful projects that can be used for discussion both internally and with the public for a shared vision of goals.

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