New Accessibility Standards

New Accessibility Standards

Did you know that Accessibility Standards Canada (ASC) and CSA Group (CSA) collaborated to release three new accessibility standards?

To access the complimentary digital copies of these standards, visit the CSA Group website below:

1. CSA/ASC B651, Accessible design for the built environment

CSA/ASC B651, Accessible design for the built environment

This standard encompasses guidelines for ensuring that buildings and other facilities are accessible to individuals with a range of physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. It represents an updated version of a prior standard, focusing on the design aspects of physical spaces and the elements within them to remove barriers to access. This standard is referenced in the National Building Code and other legislation across Canada.

2. CSA/ASC B651.2, Accessible design for self-service interactive devices including automated banking machines

2. CSA/ASC B651.2, Accessible design for self-service interactive devices including automated banking machines

This standard primarily addresses the technical prerequisites for ensuring the accessibility and usability of automated banking machines (ABMs), ABM sites and, other self-service interactive devices intended for public use. It constitutes a revised and amalgamated version of two previously existing standards: CAN/CSA-B651.1:09 (R2020) and CAN/CSA-B651.2-07 (R2017). It improves the accessibility of self-service interactive devices, a term that refers to any machine where the user may need to enter data, read presented information, respond to prompts, or select from several choices for a service to be performed. The standard provides guidance for the accessibility requirements for these devices. It also specifies technical requirements for the design, manufacture, site preparation, and installation of devices like automated banking machines.

3. CSA/ASC B652, Accessible dwellings

CSA/ASC B652, Accessible dwellings

This new standard provides a set of guidelines for designing accessible homes, with the objective of establishing a benchmark for homes that are affordable, adaptable, and accessible. Its primary goal is to ensure that individuals residing in homes have access to essential amenities for their daily lives. Drawing upon evidence-based insights, this standard offers best practices to assist those involved in the design; construction, or modification of homes in enhancing their accessibility. The development of this standard was undertaken by the CSA Group Technical Subcommittee on Accessible Housing, with the support of CSA Group’s Technical Committee on Accessibility. Additionally, it received funding by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

For additional information related to these accessibility standards, please refer to the ASC website available here.

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