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What’s next is already here: How inclusive design lets us rethink physical spaces

By Jesse Klimitz | June 22, 2022
The dramatic changes in the world over these past two years have shifted the paradigm of inclusion from one of consideration to one of necessity. Areas of difference have been brought into focus and intensified. As a response, the values…
Rosalind is now a fellow of the Urban Design Forum

Human Space at the Urban Design Forum

By Human Space | June 13, 2022
Human Space and BDP are thrilled to announce that Rosalind Tsang, New York City Studio Director, is now a Fellow at the Urban Design Forum. She will be a key member of the Good Form working group, “Safe Experiences: How…
NOW with Dave Brown, AMI logo, and Dave Brown conducting a podcast interview

Heritage for All featured on NOW with Dave Brown Podcast

By Human Space | January 31, 2022
Director of Human Space Jesse Klimitz recently sat down with Dave Brown to chat about our exciting new Heritage for All project for his podcast. This research project currently underway for Accessibility Standards Canada aims to eliminate physical barriers to…
illustration of a heritage building facade with arched entry and windows, with a range of diverse people of varying abilities in front

Human Space launches new Heritage for All research project

By Human Space | December 9, 2021
Human Space is excited to announce Heritage for All, a new research project aimed at eliminating physical barriers to Canada’s federally-owned heritage buildings. The two-and-a-half-year project will be funded by the Accessibility Standards Canada’s Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program and…
cover of the Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines

City of Toronto adopts new Accessibility Design Guidelines

By Human Space | November 15, 2021
The new Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines went before City Council and were approved on 9 November 2021. The new guidelines were created by Human Space in collaboration with the City of Toronto with input from over a dozen agencies including…
five people of different abilities and races and cultures having a meeting

Social justice in the built environment

By Lorene Casiez | November 8, 2021
The past 18 months have been like no other – the unimaginable grips of COVID-19, social isolation and a fear of the unknown, the death of George Floyd sparking rage and a mass awakening to systemic racism around the world,…
cover of the Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines

City of Toronto unveils new draft Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines created by Human Space

By Human Space | August 13, 2021
The new draft Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines (TADG) are now available for public viewing after seven years of collaboration between Human Space and the City of Toronto. Over a dozen agencies including the CNIB, Pegasus, Nucleus Independent Living and Silent…
rendering of people in a bus station with the bay numbers clearly identified, seating near floor to ceiling windows, and modern wood slat ceiling with LED lights

Wayfinding for All

By Lili Larratea | July 27, 2021
 ‘Given the impact of wayfinding on human psychology, occupant satisfaction, health, long-term performance, and the financial bottom line, inattention to wayfinding reduces the inclusiveness of buildings for everyone.’ Susan Hunter, IDeA Center Wayfinding is the process of navigating from one…
National AccessAbility Week is an opportunity to celebrate the ongoing work we al have to do to counter discrimination against persons with disabilities and promote a culture of inclusion

Promoting a Culture of Inclusion

By Human Space | June 3, 2021
This week, 30 May to 5 June 2021, we celebrated National AccessAbility Week! National AccessAbility Week is an opportunity to celebrate:  the valuable contributions of Canadians with disabilities; the accomplishments of individuals, communities and workplaces that are actively working to…
diagram with measurements of three accessible water closet stalls, one meeting the OBC 2015 amendments, one meeting the OBC 2020 amendments and one demonstrating better practice measurements

Accessibility and the Importance of Exceeding the Ontario Building Code

By Daniel Luong | March 12, 2021
Ontario continues to develop baseline accessibility standards within the Ontario Building Code (OBC). At the start of 2020, updates to the Ontario Building Code included added clarity and additional requirements as it relates to: Access to building controls Additional application…