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The Project

This project encompassed the creation of accessibility audit management software as well as the comprehensive assessment of 45 City properties and public spaces against the requirements of the Burlington Accessibility Design Standards.

The accessibility audit management software was created in-house by our information technologist. Features included data input, code references, photos, costing, recommendations and report generation.

The municipal properties included public spaces, community/recreation centers, arenas/pools, offices and administrative buildings.

On site, the auditors reviewed levels of access, circulation, parking, public spaces, recreation spaces, change rooms, washrooms, offices and amenity spaces. These areas were selected to ensure the public and high-traffic areas along the common paths of the program delivery within a building would be accessible and safe.

The audit team recorded the findings and delivered a report, which provided executive summaries and recommendations for each building. In addition, every case identified barriers which were prioritized by importance of remediation and had a cost analysis associated to them. This allowed a clear direction to start the mitigation process and made the requirements for amended accessibility access transparent.