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The Project

Spanning three distinct phases, Human Space was selected to complete accessibility audits for the University of Ottawa, covering their buildings and public spaces.

Phase one of the project consisted of administrative, faculty and residence buildings. Using four buildings covering 269,100 sf as a pilot audit, Human Space worked with outside consultants to create a database that could integrate with the university’s facility management software. The resulting data was presented in a report of findings, recommendations, and floor plans highlighting key deficiencies.

Following the positive response to this phase, the team set out to audit the additional 25 buildings that comprised the first phase. Covering approximately 296,100 sf, the team collected data on each building, input it into the database they had prepared and delivered it to the university’s facilities staff.

The second phase of the project consisted of another 2,852,000 sf of buildings, while the final phase covered the public realm on campus.

By creating a system in which this data could easily be collected, viewed and analyzed based on the University of Ottawa’s existing systems, Human Space created a seamless process in which accessible building design can be addressed on campus. In turn, the University of Ottawa will be able to use this data to ensure that its campus and associated facilities can be accessed by all students, staff and faculty, creating a usable learning environment for students, visitors, and faculty with a range of physical abilities.