Occupancy Evaluation - University of Cambridge Chemistry of Health Building

Project team


University of Cambridge




The Project

We were commissioned to undertake an occupancy evaluation of the University of Cambridge’s Chemistry of Health (CoH) Building. The work included an analysis of building performance and engaging with occupants to obtain qualitative feedback.

An infill development on a tight urban site, the CoH building provides office and laboratory space over four-storeys. CoH supports research into the molecular origins of human disease, particularly neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and accelerates the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods of treatment.

The performance analysis concluded that overall, the systems within the CoH building generally appear to be performing as expected, with a handful of exceptions identified. The user feedback also identified areas for improvement in user comfort. Our team provided the client with a summary of findings and recommendations as well as aspects that could be considered on future capital projects.